GarageBand For PC Windows 11/10/7 Free Download Latest Version 2021

If you are someone that is obsessed with music at an unusual level, Garageband is a boon to have. Garageband is basically a complete studio for you to record and edit music inside your mac. You also have access to all kinds of instruments like keyboards, synths, etc. In this article, we will be taking a look at the features and other fun stuff related to how to download Garageband on PC. After that, we’ll also mention a few alternatives to Garageband for PC users out there.

However, Garageband is not officially available for PC but our team has come up with a tutorial guide that will help you to download Garageband on Windows PC. Here, we have created three methods and all are working properly.

Garageband on PC – Least Requirements For System

Windows: Windows 7 or Higher

RAM: 4 GB or Above

Minimum Disk Space: 2 GB

CPU: i3 or Ryzen 7 Minimum


Installing Garageband on windows pc isn’t easy as you think. It requires following a few procedures. As you know, Apple is not interested to make any revolutionary change in the developer program policy so we can’t expect Garageband to be available on Windows PC or Android officially. But, we have come with three different methods (more coming soon) to use this amazing music software on a PC. Let’s check it out.

Method 1 (Using Virtual Mac OS) – Download Garageband for PC

There are a number of processor manufacturers available in the market but Intel and AMD are the most widely used CPUs.

Intel-Based Processor :

For Intel users, the VMware method should be the priority.

AMD Based Processor :

If you are using an AMD-equipped system then you must be knowing that all AMD processors do not support AMD virtualization. Before starting any installation, you need to run a compatibility test. And, here is a detailed guide about AMD-V if you wish to know more.

Check virtualization support on Your PC

Through this step-by-step procedure, you must be knowing if your AMD processor supports Virtualization or not.

Step 1: First of all you need to visit the official website of AMD to download the AMD-V compatibility checker.

Step 2: Once the download is finished successfully, find the Compressed folder, and extract it using Winrar.

Step 3: Open the folder, and Run as administrator “AMD Hyper-V.

Step 4: Now go to your BIOS and enable it. If the processor is too old, the AMD processor won’t support AMD-V.

The Android Emulators may work but won’t function properly.

How to Install macOS Sierra-VMware in Windows 10?

macOS Sierra is the latest version of the Operating system used in all Apple laptops and computers. Through VMware, you can install it on Windows PC and then only can use Garageband software on PC.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to getting mac MAC-OS Sierra VMware running.

Note: Make sure you have enabled virtualization from BIOS.

Step 1: Download the Prerequisites

The first step is to download the necessary files through For this, you need to download the visualization software VMware Workstation Pro 15.5.x or VMware Player 15.5.x.  And then download the VMware unlocker program for macOS Sierra.

You can also download the macOS Sierra 10.12.6 ISO or whatever the latest version might be.

Step 2: Install VMware on your Windows PC

Once the download is finished, run the VMware Workstation Pro/Player setup and follow the prompt leaving all the options as default. Thus installation will be done.

Step 3: Install VMware Unlocker Program for macOS Sierra 10.12.6

Make sure the workstation app window is closed. Go to the win-install.cmd file and right-click on the Run As Administrator option.

 Through the process, the patch file for VMware will be ready.

4. Create a macOS Sierra virtual machine.

Open the VMware program and you will get there three options. We recommend choosing ‘create a virtual machine’.

5.  Select the OS you will utilize.

Select the Apple Mac OS X option and then the macOS version. Give a name to your virtual machine and select disk capacity for your V machine that should be a minimum of 50 GB. 

6.  Through slider, you can increase the memory from 2 GB to 4 GB and higher If required better performance.

7. Now Select the Processor menu to increase the CPU cores upt0 4. For better performance, you can increase it up.

8.  Now select New CD/DVD (SATA) option from the menu and select the macOS Sierra ISO image file.

9. On the new virtual machine wizard, click finish.

First macOS Sierra Boot

1. Now relaunch the VMware program and on the Mac OS VMware window click ‘power-on virtual machine’.

2: Here you need to do the basic setup that will ask to choose the time zone, date zone, and location. You don’t require an Apple ID to make it work.  The macOS will start setting up, and it usually takes one to ten minutes to complete. After this, you will get the interface of macOS Sierra 10.12.6.

Now you can download and install Garageband on the virtual machine. The entire process appears to be a little tricky however works appropriately.

Method 2: How to Download GarageBand for Windows Using the iPadian Emulator?

  1. To Download the iPadian, visit the official website.
  2. Following the procedure, install the emulator on your windows pc.
  3. Once the installation is finished, go to the app store section on the iPadian emulator and look for the Garageband app.
  4.  Once you find the app, click on download and installation will be started within a few seconds.

Method 3: How to Download GarageBand for PC Using BlueStacks?

1. Go to the official website of Bluestacks and download the emulator.

2. Once the installation procedure is done, log in to the emulator through your Gmail account.

3. Now you will get the app search option, find the Garageband app.

4. Once you find it, click on download. The program will be installing.

Features of Garageband 

A few features that you get access to with the help of Garageband are given below. 

  • Power Guitar
  • Analog Synths
  • SpacePad
  • Urban Drums
  • Orchestral Ensemble and Cinematic Synths
  • String Ensemble
  • Choir
  • Drum Engine (MPC style pads)
  • Rock Drums
  • Bass Machine
  • Concert Guitar

The ones listed are among the many features that are offered by Garageband. Let’s look at the more comprehensive explanation of some features now. 

Ability to make music with and without an instrument 

All you’ll need to do is just plug your mic or guitar in and then choose your favorite from the ocean of different realistic effects. You are also open to experimenting with extremely human-sounding drum sounds. Just plug your mic or guitar in and sing to your heart’s will.

The session drummer

Garageband gives you access to the drummer feature which is basically a virtual session player. The drummer uses topnotch session drummers and recording engineers of the industry. Not only for beginners, but this session drummer feature is also helpful for a guitarist who doesn’t play the drums or a band without a drummer.  In Garageband, you can control every single aspect from the groove to the visual controls of the drummer.

Why should you choose Garageband for Windows PC?

For people that love music but don’t have the time and money to record it in a fancy studio, GarageBand helps a lot. It is an amazing platform to do all the music-related stuff on your mac without worrying about having to pay a hell ton of money. It’s not only about the recording part, the editing features are just as important. 

The right editing on a music track can turn it into something you could have never imagined. Making music without spending money is a tough task because you’ll need a range of different instruments as well. But guess what, Garageband comes with a ton of different editing options where you can add any type of instrumental music to your song. 

Garageband gives you the opportunity to have professional quality music even though all the work has been done on a mac. Now that we have looked into a few reasons why you should choose Garageband on Windows PC, let’s take a look at the different ways of downloading Garageband for pc.

5 Garageband Alternatives for Windows PC

Garageband is a top-notch music app, but here’s the catch, it is only available for iOS. As iOS devices are not a piece of cake to purchase for many people, let’s take a look at the 5 Garageband alternatives for windows that work just as well. 

1. AKAI MPC Beats 

AKAI MPC Beats is an amazing DAW offering a wide range of features like AU and VST support, multi-track recording, etc. If you are someone that is already using a fully licensed version of any DAW, you can use AKAI MPC as a plugin to take advantage of the different features. As it is a free DAW, the number of features and the ability to control groves and make beats is wonderful. As mentioned earlier, you can use this as a stand-alone DAW or as a plugin for other software. 

Bottom line

Overall, it is a pretty good app with everything you’ll need to put out great music. The ability to use it as a plugin is the best part in our opinion. 

2. Magix Music Maker 

The concept of free DAW was started by a company named Magix. The MusicMaker bundle we are talking about now is the result of this concept. It was released back in the year 1994 when free DAW was genuinely a big thing. Magix MusicMaker is a free platform where you can create and edit wonderful music. It is a bundle of everything you could ask for in a DAW as a beginner. 

Bottom line

In the end, it is one of the first free DAW and as competition grew, MusicMaker has one throw many levels of improvement to be here providing amazing services. 

3. Reaper 

This is among the plenty of companies that try to make the creation of music accessible for all. It is not free software but in comparison with other paid music software, Reaper is amazing. While most of the other music software costs hundreds of dollars, Reaper offers great services at a fraction of the price. 

Bottom line

In conclusion, Reaper is an amazing software you can get, for the price. But, in comparison with the others on the list, you should have a bit of advanced skill to be able to use the software properly. 

4. OHM Studio 

OHM studio is an underrated DAW for sure, it provides peer-to-peer linking so that a group of people can work on the same project together in real-time. During the current times, OHM studio is a good way to work remotely while still taking each other’s suggestions and working together in real-time. Apps like Skype and Zoom have been very useful these days but they don’t allow collaboration with sound sourced, but OHM studio does. 

Bottom line

Overall, it’s a perfect alternative for Garageband and is also amazing for use in the present time. 

5. LMMS 

In comparison to other options, LMMS has a slight twist from normal. It is an open-source and cross-platform music suite that is a combination of all the solutions to all your needs. It is the best alternative to Garageband. LMMS is fast, powerful, and will be up and running before you even notice it. All of these features are available absolutely free of cost. 

Bottom line

For an open-source music production suite, LMMS does a really good job. It is rich with features and gets the work done in a perfect manner. 


Q. Are there some file formats that cannot work on GarageBand?

A. Yes, Garageband doesn’t support Mp3, Wave, AAC, and AIFF File formats. You can convert through external software to use these formats.

Q. What are the minimum requirements for using GarageBand for Windows 10/8/7?

A. Your system should have at least Windows 7 or higher. We recommend Windows 10.

It’s required a minimum of 4 GB of RAM. We would recommend you to have 8 GB. Intel i5 processor or Ryzen 7 is minimum required and higher would be great.

Q. Can you revert any sound files you edit?

A. You can revert your sound files by turning off any effects or modifying those effects as you desire.

Check out more FAQs on GarageBand music software here.

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  1. I am still curious to know when Apple is bringing Garageband on play store? I’m an Android phone user and not interested switching to Apple. Please guide me best method I can follow. I have AMD chipset computer and not capable to run heavy applications.

    • Apple has denied bringing Garageband to the Play store and you don’t need to switch to Apple. Our all methods are working properly so you can try anyone of them. If your system seems to be slow then go for SSD or RAM expansion.

  2. I am thinking of switching from Audacity to Garageband. The audacity interface is confusing and someone told me that the Garageband interface is pretty simpler and smooth. Is it true? and Do I get access to all the features that are offered by the Garageband mac version?

    • Yes, You’re absolutely right about the user interface and you get a better and smoother interface in Garageband. The software is the same so you get all the same features on all OS whether it’s mac or windows.


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